Body Elemental – Each of Us Has One and We Would Not Be Alive Without Its Service!

By | 3 August 2017

Everybody of us has a physique elemental who lives inside our etheric physique and might be seen within the aura. It’s harmless and childlike in addition to clever and masterful. Standing about three toes tall, it often intently resembles the person it serves. It’s chargeable for all features of the bodily, emotional, psychological and etheric our bodies and retains all of our organs and programs working easily. The physique elemental can be chargeable for serving to keep our emotional and psychological wellbeing. From start till demise, it serves the wants of the evolving soul on the bodily airplane.

We’d not be alive with out the service of our physique elemental

We’d not be alive with out the service of our B.E., which has been with us for the reason that starting of our incarnations. It was created concurrently with our bodily physique and turns into part of our evolving consciousness whereas gaining expertise within the airplane of Matter. Each embodiment, it creates and maintains a brand new physique for us. Subsequently, it is aware of the blueprint of our total construction – proper right down to the DNA/RNA mobile stage. It additionally is aware of precisely the place any trauma and recollections are saved and tips on how to finest facilitate the self-healing course of – as all elementals know tips on how to heal. The basic inside our physique works intently with our Greater Self and helps convey down the Mild of Spirit/God to nourish each cell of the physique.

Like different elementals/nature spirits, they may also mimic our moods and reply to our mandates. So in case you decree, “I’m sick” or that you simply really feel “good”, the basic, like a genie, will act upon your “order”. Our physique elementals are additionally conscious of each thought and feeling, and can outpicture them inside the cells of the physique temple. Damaging ideas and emotions can’t solely make us ailing, but in addition the physique elemental. So it is extremely vital to be taught to manage your ideas and emotions and keep in concord as a lot as attainable! Establishing a optimistic perspective towards life releases the physique elemental to determine our well being and properly being.

How we might help our physique elemental

Our B.E.’s are our unseen helpers and pals! They reply to our sending them appreciation, love and gratitude. Those that befriend their physique elemental and set up a great rapport with them – whether or not aware or unconscious – are often blessed with easy good well being. In studying to hearken to your physique elemental, it’ll let you know no matter it wants.

Sadly, simply as with the opposite elementals/nature spirits (gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders), our B.E.’s can turn out to be severely handicapped by the mass consciousness of man. You will need to name to your Greater Self for the safety and freedom of the physique elemental from all destructive energies and all that isn’t of the Mild.

Easy Meditation

Turn out to be nonetheless and middle in your coronary heart, which is the connecting level together with your Greater Self. Visualize your valuable physique elemental in an ovoid of the pink flame of divine love. Pour forth your love and gratitude for its trustworthy service all the time. From the extent of your Greater Self, ask that your physique elemental take full dominion over each imperfect situation which may be manifesting in your physique. See therapeutic Mild rays saturating each a part of your being.


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