How to Tenderize a Steak

By | 12 August 2017

Most individuals love steak however not all people is aware of the way to tenderize it correctly, for one of the best outcomes. Tenderizing a steak could be very straightforward and it’s value doing, with a purpose to guarantee your steak is juicy, tender, and scrumptious.

In case you are utilizing a very good reduce like Filet Mignon, the steak won’t want tenderizing. In case you are utilizing a less expensive reduce like New York strip or sirloin steak, it most likely will.

A meat mallet has a spiked facet and a flat facet. With steak, you need to first use the spiked facet. This breaks down the robust fibers. The flat facet provides the meat a very good texture. In the event you shouldn’t have a meat mallet, you need to use a fork and make tiny holes all around the steak. This clearly entails extra work than utilizing the mallet.

With some meats, you need to by no means use the spiked facet. In case you are flattening a hen breast, for instance, you need to solely use the flat facet as a result of the spiked facet will rip it aside.

One other manner of tenderizing a steak is to attain it. This implies you need to make crisscross diamond patterns, one inch aside, on either side of the steak. Don’t forget the edges, else the steak will curl up. Every of those strategies is sweet but it surely will depend on what kind of steak you might be utilizing, how thick it’s and the way you will cook dinner it.

One of the simplest ways to know the way to tenderize a steak to perfection if you’re new to cooking steak is to discover a good steak recipe and observe the directions in it.

Utilizing Straightforward Steak Marinades

One other option to tenderize steak is to make use of a steak marinade recipe. Mix your chosen steak marinade substances with the meat and go away it for a few hours. You are able to do this along with utilizing the meat mallet or as an alternative of it.

The acidic substances within the steak marinade assist to interrupt down the fibers within the meat, which is what makes it tender and succulent. Wine, pineapple, lime, lemon or papaya juice or any type of vinegar will all have this impact on the steak.

You will get salt-based tenderizers from the grocery retailer, which works in the same manner, however home made steak marinade recipes give the steak an ideal taste so it’s good to make your individual.

Cautious with the Cooking Time

Keep in mind that overcooked steak is dry and difficult. Regardless of how a lot you used the meat mallet or whether or not you used one of the best steak marinade recipe on the planet, overcooked steak just isn’t one thing you can rescue, so watch it fastidiously and don’t overcook it!

It’s simpler to offer an undercooked steak one other jiffy within the pan or on the grill than do something about overcooked meat. At all times let your steak relaxation for 5 or ten minutes after cooking it. The juices will redistribute themselves and the steak shall be additional juicy and tender.


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