Why a Good Writer is Like a Healthy Oyster

By | 18 June 2017

Some writers are bloggers. All bloggers are writers (by definition). Writers of all descriptions and ranges of expertise, ultimately, develop what might be known as "The Oyster Syndrome."

Writers, bloggers included, are all the time making an attempt to enhance their work. Continuously honoring their craft, skilled and novice alike, tolerate in themselves a measure of "inventive dissatisfaction" that drives them to change, edit and endlessly revise no matter they’re engaged on. That is "The Oyster Syndrome": A artistic compulsion resulting in the relentless pursuit of perfection, which, just like the oyster's response to an irritating, sharp grain of sand, produces — a pearl; Within the author's case (hopefully) a elegant "pearl" of prose adequate to enlighten the curious, encourage the discouraged, entertain the bored, and amuse the life-hardened cynic.

The supply of "The Oyster Syndrome" is the "Internal Editor," a nagging, authoritative voice that regulates all of the others. The others? Sure. Oh sure. There are a lot of voices that situation forth in streams of thought from the author's artistic creativeness. It’s possible you’ll assign to them any names that you just like however you’ll acknowledge their essence by the names I’ve given them: There may be "The Thinker, The Sage, The Youngster, The Campaigner for Justice, The Misanthrope, The Comic" and– — "The Babbling Fool," which, I secretly fear, could typically be my dominant voice. [Should you fear that this can be one in every of your voices, don’t be too upset: Shakespeare makes use of his "Internal Babbling Fool" to nice impact in The Tempest. Learn by Trinculo's strains.] In any case, after we write, our "Internal Editor" chooses the suitable voice, and someway fashions from our drafts, one thing value studying: A "pearl," typically.

This can be very annoying and typically disturbing to learn one thing you've already revealed and spot some a part of it that you might have written higher. That's how it’s with the "Internal Editor." As vexing as that is, I imagine it’s correct to say that good writing is a results of this "Internal Editor" energizing the compulsion that causes "The Oyster Syndrome." So, should you writers, who’re additionally bloggers, and also you bloggers who’re writers, end up including and subtracting, altering and changing phrases to "get it proper," take coronary heart and bear in mind: It’s not simple or comfy to create a " Pearl, "however as soon as shaped; It’s a factor of magnificence and nicely value any effort.


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